5 things we want to say goodbye to 2014

Its Over.. It will never be here again.. 5 things we want to say goodbye too (for now)


Ok, we get it… Its good fats and we are have tried them with everything this yr, toast, eggs, salmon, tomatoes, lemon.. bore bore bore.. Lets move on..




Does anyone actually like the taste of this stuff..? Its now £5 a bottle on every supermarket shelf makes you feel silly and bloated.. Sales are rocketing in the uk, however lets leave it in 2014 and get back to the golden era.. Spirits and Cocktails, we call for your long awaited return!


Moaning about EDM..

Its not going anywhere.. How can it ? The top EDM dj earnt $18 million last year.. Its the new rock and roll in the states so lets accept and move on. Paris Hilton will perform at Glastonbury within the next three years.



Ok, your not sure about this one but we are, although it may take a little more time. Trust on this one, humans level of tolerance for caring about other people is short lived. It also reached fever pitched at the oscars and its only down hill from here..




Green Kale.

Purple is the new green. We loved you green but its over. Cool why it lasted, but anyone knows purple reigns!



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