Meanwhile in Milan…

Vertical-Forest-by-Stefano-Boeri-Architetti01.jpg.650x0_q85_crop-smartStefano Boeris ‘Bosco Verticale’ has won the International High Rise Award for 2014 and rightly so..


It’s the building that everyone has been talking about; four years ago some critics called it “the most exciting new tower in the world.” Stephano Boeri’s two towers in Milan, with their giant planters cantilevered out from the building and filled with trees, were going to be a whole new kind of green building. Now it has been given the International Highrise Award 2014, given out biannually since 2004 by the City of Frankfurt and Deutsches Architekturmuseum.


The project, which translates in english as ‘vertical forest’, comprises two landscaped towers that between them contain 113 apartments offering expansive views across the city.

The design is characterized by its integrated vegetation comprising over 1,000 different species of trees, shrubs and plants. in total, the scheme contains 780 planted trees, seeking to increase the site’s biodiversity, which may have been adversely affected during the project’s construction.



The taller of the two towers climbs to a total height of 112 meters, with staggered concrete balconies protruding from each of the scheme’s façades. each individual dwelling features a private garden which protects interior living space from acoustic pollution, dust particles, harsh winds and direct sunlight. at roof level, photovoltaic panels contribute to the self-sufficiency of the complex, while greywater from the building is filtered and reused to irrigate the site’s extensive flora.


Additionally, as part of the area’s regeneration, main roads and parking facilities have been placed underground, making room for a 160,000 square meter pedestrianized cycling area that incorporates greenery, public squares and bridges.





The scheme has been conceived as a botanical and architectural experiment, aiming to reduce energy consumption thanks to the leaves that filter sunlight and the consequential microclimate created on each terrace.

I think this is a prototype of a possible way to extend the natural sphere in a hyperdense urban context,stefano boeri told designboom at the project’s opening. ‘this is a not a unique way to implement biodiversity in an urban environment, but it is for sure one of the most environmental ways. so let’s see together what will happen.

Bosco verticale is a new concept of skyscraper, where trees and people live side by side. it is the first example in the world of a tower block which enriches the biodiversity of the flora and fauna of the city that houses it. we are continuously asked by research centers from all over the world to follow what will happen. I think that every year we could have a moment of thought and discussion about the results – month by month, year by year.

bosco-verticale-vertical-forest-stefano-boeri-studio-milan-designboom-06 bosco-verticale-vertical-forest-stefano-boeri-studio-milan-designboom-07 bosco-verticale-vertical-forest-stefano-boeri-studio-milan-designboom-02

project info:

location: milan, italy
architects: boeri studio (stefano boeri, gianandrea barreca, geovanni la varra)
landscape design: emanuela borio and laura gatti
developer: hines italia and coima
artistic direction: francesco de felice, davor popovic
final project: gianni bertoldi (coordinator), alessandro agosti, andrea casetto, matteo colognese, angela parrozzani, stafano onnis



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