Cool Office Alert; Pinterest New HQ in San Francisco..

Pinterest recently moved into a 45,000 square foot renovated warehouse in San Francisco that has all sorts of good looks. It has tons of the same do-it-yourself charm the website has and a few nice touches like the long shared desks and old school stringed lights. Pinterest-Headquarters-4-660x439 Pinterest-Headquarters-in-San-Francisco-7 Pinterest-Headquarters-in-San-Francisco-4 Pinterest-Headquarters-5-660x439 Pinterest-Headquarters-10-660x439 Pinterest-Headquarters-9-660x330 Pinterest-Headquarters-in-San-Francisco-6 Pinterest-Headquarters-7-660x439 Pinterest-Headquarters-11-660x660 Pinterest-Headquarters-2-660x480 Pinterest-Headquarters-12-660x439 Pinterest-Headquarters-3-660x437 Pinterest-Headquarters-6-660x439 Pinterest-Headquarters-13-660x439


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