Moss is Boss… We wouldn’t be cool if we didn’t pay Homage..

This girl from croydon…40 this week… Some favs….

tumblr_mx76jnfLPh1s23328o2_500 kate-moss-topless-vogue 363x543 kate-moss-kate-moss-15749772-876-1200 kate_head teaser_ce_testino_moss_top_1207311624_id_594022 tumblr_mpxyxintuA1s550evo1_500 kate-moss-christies-designboom e555bdca-8599-49c0-82cd-7b7b96f21715_zps74c5c03a 04-kate-moss enhanced-buzz-2358-1389863284-15 tumblr_moru6orcnp1qctjfio1_1280 tumblr_mxq2r8rt8V1r9tciko1_500 kate_moss 242847 moss14f-1-web tumblr_mx76jnfLPh1s23328o2_500vogue-moss kate-moss_glamour_8apr13_rexfeatures_bt_592x888 kate-moss-glamour-2dec13-rex_592x888 KMoss_gl_12nov12_BADRoss_b_592x888



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