Flawless Examples Of Industrial Interior Design

There’s just something about a home with industrial-inspired interior design. Here are 50 prime examples of the style at its best—comfortable, cozy, and the kind of look that lends itself to good books, warm fires and beautiful company.

bloodandchampagne730 bloodandchampagne523 bloodandchampagne1142 bloodandchampange271 bloodandchampagne904 bloodandchampagne1125 Faces 'n' Spaces with Rieke bloodandchampagne636 bloodandchampagne496 bloodandchampagne521 bloodandchampagne553 bloodandchampagne567 bloodandchampagne569 bloodandchampagne573 bloodandchampagne577 bloodandchampagne588 bloodandchampagne643 bloodandchampagne644 bloodandchampagne665 bloodandchampagne674 bloodandchampagne694 bloodandchampagne716 bloodandchampagne730 bloodandchampagne731 bloodandchampagne765 bloodandchampagne861 bloodandchampagne930 bloodandchampagne955 bloodandchampagne975 bloodandchampagne1135 bloodandchampagne2482 bloodandchampagne2562 bloodandchampagne2568 bloodandchampagne2580 bloodandchampagne2623 bloodandchampagne2625 bloodandchampagne2651 bloodandchampagne2670 bloodandchampagne2695 bloodandchampagne5783 bloodandchampagne5787 bloodandchampagne5789 bloodandchampagne5791 bloodandchampagne5792 bloodandchampange240 bloodandchampange242 bloodandchampange263 bloodandchampange276 bloodandchampange277 bloodandchampange310

Photos via Blood and Champagne


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