‘Incredible’ never seen before ‘Stars Wars’ pictures… Posted by Chewie !!

Earlier this week, Peter Mayhew, the actor best known for playing Chewbacca in the original Star Wars trilogy, treated his Twitter followers to a series of rare photographs from the set of A New Hope. The pictures offer an uncanny look at the elaborate costumes, set pieces, matte paintings, and bushy 1970s haircuts that all went into the making of George Lucas’s first masterpiece.

Below are some of the more memorable images, starting with Han Solo and his trusty gun. Hopefully, he doesn’t shoot first this time.Bdl0XfwCUAA77eS BdlvCALCQAAOUvz Bdlo3W1CIAAMYAw BdlZ6KYCMAA7soE BdlWNjUCcAAahFo starwars-peter-mayhew-star-wars-set-photos-twitter-06 BdlOso7CYAAUKoV BdbF9JOCQAABWKb starwars-peter-mayhew-star-wars-set-photos-twitter-05 BdlMK6rCYAAo8g6 BdbZuQFCMAAWvHv BdbWZuWCYAAJy6O starwars-peter-mayhew-star-wars-set-photos-twitter-03 starwars-peter-mayhew-star-wars-set-photos-twitter-02 starwars-peter-mayhew-star-wars-set-photos-twitter-04

H/T Uproxx | Photo via Peter Mayhew/Twitter


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