Three websites that will rock your world..

Starting the new year we wanted the share the three websites, we can’t live without…. Enjoy…

The Cools is the marketplace for designers that matter, where the most relevant brands from around the world curate their own shops. You discover each designers’ inspiration, shop their collections and join The Cools community. Sign up is easy and you get to pick what is your cool or uncool…CoolUncool

Discover new brands, exclusive products, and personal collections from a style-minded community, including influential tastemakers, bloggers, and designers.Connect with brands and designers for style inspiration and exclusive products. Exchange ideas and influences with individual sellers and curators.


Shop the leading marketplace for the best new and vintage fashion, art and design. Buy direct from brands, collectors, boutiques, and individuals. The site lets you follow others and their coolness. With a great magazine feature and cool interviews this site is a must for cool followers. the-cools-fashion

We love nowness for its short films and art pieces. Its a global culture platform for digital storytelling, premiering exclusive daily content. Its a curated destination for the culturally curious, a point of reference for leaders in media and style, and a creative community committed to discovering, crafting and showcasing exceptional work, in collaboration with exceptional artists. nowness-dot-com_20feb2010_explore picture-8 306597_980 nowness-001 Nowness3 nowness

 Across nine content channels, from fashion and music to gastronomy, art and design, the original video commissions, innovative series and novel partnerships with luxury brands have taken the site inside the minds of the industry’s brightest young talent and most influential heroes. Nowness has taken a 90s nostalgia trip with Chloë Sevigny, strapped LED lights onto a snow boarder, wrangled reindeer in the Arctic, sipped champagne with David Lynch, gone home with Marc Newson and danced in the Ocean with Florence and the Machine !!
We love this quirky british based site based in London. Firebox scours the world, looking for the very latest gadgetstoysgames and other cool stuff. They search high and low for gifts with a twist. Products that are inspirational, quirky, bizarre and downright fun.Wouldn’t life be a little dull without a few weird and wonderful things to play with along the way? After all, getting old is inevitable, but growing up is optional.
firebox_facebook_thumbnail firebox_full_med 527752From Las Vegas to Los Alamos, Tokyo to Tashkent, they scour the world looking for the ‘coolest stuff you can buy’, then make it available through their award-winning website.

Source; Wikipedia


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