Incredible Modern Home Features An Outdoor Movie Theatre On Roof

Talk about a movie night. Besides the flat roof/patio/movie theatre area that’s perfect for entertaining when it’s warm, this 60´s style (but new) bungalow is all sorts of modern cool. Enjoy….  Designed by Roger Christ and located in Wiesbaden, Germany.Screen-Shot-2013-11-25-at-3.49.04-PM-660x492 1321043573-s-cf009802-750x1000-660x880 1321043545-s-cf009750-750x1000-660x880 1321043534-s-cf009741-1000x774-660x510 1321042604-s-cf009460-1-1000x750-660x495 1321043500-s-cf009699-743x1000-660x888 1321043467-s-cf009637-750x1000-660x880 1321042739-s-cf009570-746x1000-660x884 1321043410-s-cf009614-790x1000-660x835 1321042712-s-cf009544-750x1000-660x880 Screen-Shot-2013-11-25-at-3.48.54-PM-660x493 1321043442-s-cf009621-1000x705-660x465 1321043488-s-cf009646-1000x737-660x486 1321043521-s-cf009733-1000x750-660x495 1321042554-s-cf009432-1000x682-660x450 1321043563-s-cf009754-1000x733-660x483


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