Very Cool Industrial Style Loft.. Budapest

In almost every case, even the most boring of lofts have 10 times the character a cookie-cutter suburban home has. With their exposed ceilings, cement floors and brick walls—it doesn’t really matter what you put in there, it’s gonna look good. But when you go a little crazy and furnish the place like this—you get something a little spectacular. Hats off to owner and designer Shay Sabag, this is what a job well done looks like. Flawless !!!Eclectic-Apartment-Budapest-18-660x991 Eclectic-Apartment-Budapest-06-660x991 2795694_original-660x438 2795339_original-660x458 Eclectic-Apartment-Budapest-12-660x917 Eclectic-Apartment-Budapest-14-660x865 Eclectic-Apartment-Budapest-16-660x958 Eclectic-Apartment-Budapest-13-660x991 2797028_original-660x464 2794571_original-660x420 2797130_original-660x438 Eclectic-Apartment-Budapest-21-660x914 Eclectic-Apartment-Budapest-15-660x827 2795035_original-660x535 Eclectic-Apartment-Budapest-10-660x920 Eclectic-Apartment-Budapest-20-660x991


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