Weekend Playlist – A tribute to Burning Man

Goosebump Sunrise-moment with Lee Burridge @Robot Heart .

One of the most charted songs of 2012. A composition by Pachanga Boys, a collaboration between Mexico’s Rebolledo and Germany’s Superpitcher. ‘Time‘ was released on a limited run of 300 vinyl copies back in December. It sold out within a few days and currently a second hand copy will cost you upwards of a hundred pounds sterling, if you can procure one.

Clocking in at just over 15 minutes, ‘Time’ is a sustained and affective journey. Deep, melancholic, expressly progressive and a little trancey-yet not cheesy. Built on a harmonious and melancholy array of gently ascending and cascading elements. The chord progression may have been inspired by Hans Zimmer’s ‘Time’, which you might know as the theme to Inception. Soft vocals chant extrospectively, “lost track of time”, and “time goes by”, perhaps alluding to the asymmetrical and continuous nature of time. More likely they are the words of a satisfied dancer emerging into the daylight after an extended night of revelry. Perfect for sunrises, long drives, and those special bedroom playlists.

Pachanga Boys are Superpitcher and Rebolledo. Time is the B side of their EP Girlcatcher released on Hippie Dance.

To start off the audible good vibes, I thought it appropriate to share Felkon’s funky, deep-house remix of Jamiroquai’s “Too Young To Die”. Jamiroquai’s hope-filled lyrics – “You know we don’t have to suffer” – take on a more cavernous resonance in this hip-wiggling inducing remix, yet in keeping with the band’s feel-good style, the song remains playful. The layered vocals fuse perfectly with the bassy beat, and when the trumpet comes in, you know you’re in for something special. The drop doesn’t disappoint.

Former international aid worker teams up with Icelandic security specialist and former top model to create an international DJ supergroup. Certainly not what you’d expect from a group called Thugfucker – but then Greg Oreck and Holmar Filipsson often do tend to defy expectations.

One a New Yorker transplanted to Europe, the other an Icelander transplanted to New York. Both from a strong musical background with an almost obsessive dedication to the art of wild party instigation.

Growing up on an Icelandic commune full of some of the country’s finest political thinkers, Holmar eschewed his past and all the heady philosophy of his childhood to move to New York and search out more physical and visceral methods of bringing happiness to the masses.

Meanwhile Greg was in the midst of a successful (if short-lived) political career in America when he too became disillusioned with the duplicity and self serving interest of those around him. Disturbed by the void he saw in most people’s lives, it was in the dark depths of the New York underground club scene that he finally found his true calling.

Unbeknownst to each other, Holmar and Greg then propelled themselves along similar paths, throwing parties, honing their musical & studio skills and searching out inspiration from a wide variety of musical sources.

Then one late night, in a cloudy alcohol fueled discussion about the plight of the genetically Rhythm-Blind, Holmar and Greg recognized the depth of their shared passions. Thugfucker was born.

When Thugfucker’s single, “Disco Gnome” was released in 2011 it marked the beginning of the highly respected Life and Death records and very quickly, lots of little gnomes were found in the boxes of some of the best DJs worldwide. It received widespread play in all kinds of clubs around the world from DJs as varied as Seth Troxler & the Visionquest crew, Jamie Jones, Guy Gerber, Loco Dice, Sasha, Pete Tong and many many more. It remains to this day a favorite of clubbers worldwide.

Following this came another collaboration with friends and label mates Tale of Us, this time in the form of an EP for Visionquest. With two tracks, “Morgana” and “Step Aside” (featuring Scott McCloud of Girls Against Boys), this collaboration also got lots of love from DJ’s everywhere, not to mention being named an ‘essential’ track by Pete Tong on his Radio 1 show..

And in the meantime Thugfucker have been busy traveling the globe playing extended back to back DJ sets at some of the best clubs and parties worldwide. From Panorama Bar to Fabric to BPM and Sonar and Coachella to DC10 and Output and Katerholzig and many more. If you haven’t partied with them yet then you probably haven’t been trying hard enough to have a good time. You should definitely try harder and join them.

In addition to music and parties, Greg is also a co-founder of Life and Death alongside partners Manfredi Romano (DJ Tennis) and Matteo Milleri (from Tale of Us).

Holmar has also just founded a new label called YAH! with co-conspirators James Healy and Pete Sung.Thugfucker are currently preparing their next EP for Life and Death due out in the not too distant future.

Mark Knight and Toolroom Records continue celebrated their ten year anniversary in 2008 with the release of a remix EP of the iconic “Man with the Red Face.” The iconic original mix was done back in 2000 by techno legend Laurent Garnier, whose production caught on from the saxophone lead and quick, animated bass line accents and has stayed memorable even in the current house music environment. Mark Knight and Funkagenda teamed up on an award-winning remake of the track in 2008 that would become pivotal for the official Toolroom Ten album. 


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