5 Egg Classic Film Moments…


Classic Eggs on Film Moments. To celebrate Easter, thecoolhunger shares the top five egg moments on film..

1. Cool Hand Luke – 1967
Paul Newman gives an Oscar-winning performance as prison inmate Luke, who refuses to bend to anyone’s rules. Behind bars he asserts his dominance by winning boxing matches and poker games. But when he bets he can eat 50 hard-boiled eggs in an hour, one can’t help but think he’s bitten off more than he can chew.

2. Airplane! – 1980

In this American satirical comedy, which hilariously parodies the disaster film genre, the passengers on board begin to fall ill. The doctor on board, Dr Rumack (Leslie Nielsen) suspects it’s food poisoning, but when he investigates the symptoms, he pulls an egg, then another, then another one of the patient’s mouth – cracking the final one to release an actual live bird.

3. Ghostbusters – 1984

In this 80s classic, Dana (Sigourney Weaver) suspects her apartment is haunted. She comes home one night with a bag full of groceries and suddenly a box of eggs on her kitchen bench opens of its own accord and the eggs demonically begin frying and popping all on their own. So, who she’s gonna call?

4. Rocky – 1976

Eggs have long been held up as great source of protein, and no-one, it seems, knows that more than Sylvester Stalone’s Rocky. In this classic American tale of a small-timer dreaming of making it big, the eponymous boxer wakes before sun-up and starts his day with a gut-curdling homemade protein-shake of five raw eggs.

5. Finding Nemo – 2003

Pixar’s aquatic computer-animated family film starts off poignantly: Mum and Dad clownfish Marlin and Coral are at home in the Great Barrier Reef, but Coral gets eaten by a barracuda and all that’s left is one little fish egg, which soon becomes the loveable Nemo.


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