Beoplay A9

Walking through Harrods recently trying to kill time I accidentally walked through the sound and vision floor. Always trying to move quickly to avoid temptation I was stopped in my tracks and left breathless by this little number.


Although I was originally pulled in by the design the unique selling point was the sound. As the sales guy demonstrated quickly you could swipe your hand across the touch sensor to control volume or mute the system by resting a hand on top of it.

bang-olufsens-beoplay-a9-mA9Red-12XX-1Beoplay is designed to appeal to a new generation of audiophiles who also demand plug and play simplicity and wireless freedom. The BeoPlay A9 is a striking addition to the range – big, bold and beautiful, in both sound and vision.

Beoplay A9

The  A9 is perhaps its most radical and successful integration of sound and beauty to date. It’s a music system you want to give pride of place to, even build your domestic arrangements around, rather than look to hide. And given its portability and use of wireless connectivity, you can make the BeoPlay A9 a centrepiece almost anywhere in your home. Apple have endorsed the product due to its iPhone, iPod touch and AirPlay technology letting you stream music throughout your home and you buy through numerous channels including Apple website.


Retailing at £1699 id imagine you’ll be arranging your furniture around this as oppose to arranging the A9 around your furniture.

Beoplay A9


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