Surface View

Ive followed these guys (from Reading UK) since humble beginnings so keen to give credit to them. Surface View is quite simple. It’s where images and your imagination come together to create stunning interiors.

It begins with the image. They curate and remaster incredible imagery, working with famous collections and uncovering hidden gems. Constantly on the lookout for the beautiful, the unusual, the wonderful and the unique, they present the image to you, and with a little imagination you transform it into.

Totally bespoke interior decorationthe possibilities are endless. Surface View  love the idea that you can take an old master and make it work perfectly within a modern interior.Or crop and rescale an 18th Century textile design to create a unique contemporary statement. Surface View is all about playing with scale and extraordinary interior product which is uniquely yours.

You can shop right now from ravishing recommendations, or take your time to customise your own creations from our stunning collections. Explore images, use your imagination, play with the possibilities. Collect your favourites in My Surface View, read about them in the Journal, watch videos, and discover what you can do with Surface View.

How It began;

It all began with stamp collecting. As a boy, every Saturday morning after my paper round I’d hop on my bike and whizz round to the Numisery Stamp and Coin Shop, a tiny half basement shop in Reading. It’s long gone now, but back then the place was like a treasure trove of stuff, and I loved hunting for stamps in there. Each one had a story, and I was constantly on the lookout for stamps with errors, like the 1965 Post Office Tower Set with the tower missing; this became the Holy Grail for me. Of course, the world has changed since then and, if I could afford it, I could Google ‘Post Office Error Stamp’, pull out my credit card and have it delivered the next day. The world of Google has sucked away the excitement of discovery.

Surface View is all about that magic of searching and finding, and for me, hunting down new and unusual image collections is a thrill on a par with those Saturday mornings of my youth. The Surface View collection began at the wonderful Sanders of Oxford where I spent many hours searching through their vintage etchings and prints. It dawned on me that I could collect images like I used to collect stamps, and use our state-of-the-art print technology to create unique interior products based on these wonderful pictures. I really do think there’s something special about creating a bespoke Surface View for your home, and I hope you’re as thrilled as we are by our fascinating images and the amazing things you can do with them. Happy hunting.

Michael Ayerst


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