Weekend Playlist 23/03/2013

Ive never been a Radiohead fan so a very strange choice to start a weekend playlist, but I discovered this by accident and it took me by surprise. From the King of Limbs album, radiohead fans have all voted on it being the track of the album..Enjoy

This is simply a beautiful song and an even better remix. The last post on you tube that caught my eye simply read ‘Oh My God. Words cannot describe this tune’…

Wow.. I first discovered this track on a Damian Lazarus podcast.. Lazpod 25. A sublime track that represents global music across many cultures. Diverse as you could hear this being played in cool hotel bars as well as a library or coffee shop. Very diverse and beautiful..

Second single from Matthew Dear‘s 2012 Beams Album and the game changing track. A steady kick drum flattens out a taut, elastic surface for the track’s lighter elements to bounce around. Dear tosses synthetic squiggles, whistles and clipped vocals into the mix, while at the same time keeping them tethered to his robotic vocal. Then, those vapourous elements settle for a minute, and Dear’s android-like singing shows emotion: “Am I one heartbeat away from receiving a damaging shock to my life/ And believing that love was a cost worth a witness and seeing a larger machine?” As the song breaks on ever-increasing crests of euphoria, the track hurtles towards escape. It’s that potent longing for release that wins out, as Dear squeezes fantasy and abandon out of the song’s dark heart. I had the pleasure of seeing Matthew on his recent tour @fabriclondon. Musical highlight of 2012.


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